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In two weeks we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  The Easter Holiday as it is customarily called now.  I like using the term Passover.  In early times that was the term used to celebrate and remember the resurrected Chris...

The Shift

I use the word shift, because this year and the end of the last I have heard that word used many times here lately.  It goes back into last year actually.  A shift meaning that God will be expressing Himself through His Spirit here in Kenosha, as well as in ot...

The title of my Sermon tonight, is What’s your Kryptonite?  

If you have grown up like I did in the 60’s. and I’m dating myself, comic books were the thing, especially for us boys. DC and Marvel comics were the comics to buy.

I had boxes full of comics.  Wish I had...