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School of Ministry

Why a the School of Ministry.

The Furnace was created to partner with Jesus Christ to fulfill Isaiah 61.  We have confidence in our God that His Church will be empowered through the power of the given Holy Spirit to do so.  This "School" is to assist believers to fully walk out their salvation because they have an understanding of it, know who the Holy Spirit is, and understand what the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are.

We truly believe the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit are for today, and we believe faithful Followers of Christ need to have knowledge of them and operate in the gifts they have received.

But we know that to have all of this understanding, we must know our Father in Heaven!  He is the key to everything for those He would call sons and daughters. We must be obedient to Jesus and fulfill His 1st Commandment in Matthew 22:37, to "love the Lord thy God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."

This "School" was Holy Spirit inspired, primarily to bring people together for intercession.  We are a House of Prayer.  But we also know that there is a need for the Prophetic today in the Church.  When you couple the Prophetic, with Worship and Intercession, you will have the Holy Spirit giving revelation the whole Church, and this will cause a great move of God.

The Elders of The Furnace who have been in intercession for years now, felt this was the time to begin this portion of our ministry.  We wish to have a School of Ministry, a School of Intercessory and Prophetic Worship, and a School of Prayer.

The ministry school's teaching will be ongoing, and be open to all believers with the hope that:
1.  Believers will have an intimate relationship with their Father in         Heaven.
2.  Know who the person of the Holy Spirit is.  He is God and               should be worshipped and listened to as such.
3.  Know the fullness and extent of their salvation.
4.  Have knowledge of the Gifts of the Spirit.

After the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we will focus on the vocal gifts. We believe this is what the Holy Spirit wants us to focus on at this time.  In the future another stream will be available, and that will focus on Healing and Miracles.

All of the teaching is based on Scripture.  We are attempting to keep personal opinion out of it.  Those who teach will also teach out of experience. Concerning prophecy, we believe it is abused today, and individuals do not have a good understanding of the gift they have been given. This gift today needs to be in line with the Word of God. 

We hope that Believers in our Region will attend.  It may be new material for some, and it may be a refresher for others, and it may be for those who just want to see who in the Body of Christ is seeking or in operation of the Gifts.

It is time the Church of Jesus Christ in our Region gets together to intercede and minister to see people healed, set free from the bondage of this world and be discipled followers of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Brad Williams
Lead Pastor - The Furnace
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