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The Furnace Upper Room Prayer Culture

The Culture of the Upper Room Prayer at The Furnace Kenosha

“…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

““Everything is permissible”- but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”- but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.” 1 Corinthians 10:23-24

For the good of others, we oversee our “Upper Room” under a principle to love one another and to think of others in the room. Individuals come to the Prayer Room for different reasons.  Some to worship, some to pray, some to meditate, some to get out of the rush of life and seek the peace of God in a “Sanctuary” type of environment, just to soak.  Since there are varied reasons to stop into the Prayer Room, with individuals attending come from varied church backgrounds, we have created guidelines so everyone can enjoy the Prayer Room experience.

God called this Upper Room in Kenosha, WI to be a Regional Prayer Room.  A Prayer Room between Chicago and Milwaukee servicing all types and groups of people with the primary focus that they would be people who would be also called to a lifestyle of worship and prayer.

As you review these guidelines, please see them through the lens of wanting everyone to enjoy the Lord in His House of Prayer, here at The Furnace.

Use of Mouth

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

  1. Please limit quiet conversations in the prayer room to 30 seconds or less. If you feel the need to talk longer, feel free to go to the back room, otherwise one of our staff may ask you to relocate your conversation.

  2. Personal vocal volume should not be loud or go beyond another who may be leading in prayer or worship. Also remember those around you and please keep your volume at a level that you will not be a distraction.  You can agree in prayer, or even pray and worship during a set, but please keep your volume to the volume of the room which changes during sets. If you are praying from the microphone, please do not shout your prayer.

  3. Keep food in the fellowship area. Drinks may be brought in the seating areas with a covered top only, please.

  4. Do not use your cell phone in the prayer room. If it is important that you receive calls, place your phone on vibrate, and carry the conversation outside of the prayer room.

Use of the Hands

  1. When you pray for or are doing any type of prayer ministry that is invited from the leadership, please keep your eyes open, stand in front of the person you are praying for, ask for permission to lay a hand on the individual and then limit the placement of hands to shoulder, arm or head while keeping hands stationary. No inappropriate touch is permitted.

  2. Please do not use any instruments in the prayer room if you are not part of the worship or prayer team as it can be distracting for the team leading the prayer and worship set. (i.e., tambourines, drums or hand drums, shofars, sticks, horns, etc.)

  3. Please limit the use of flags and banners to the rear or sides of the prayer room unless directed otherwise by leadership. Children may not use these props if not supervised by the parent or other adults. If the prayer room is particularly full, The Furnace Staff may ask that these props not be used in order to accommodate space.

Use of Space

  1. If we have a crowded prayer meeting, please limit your personal space to one chair.

  2. If you leave for an extended period of time (longer than a 2-hour prayer set), only to return later to the prayer room, please take your personal items with you so that others may utilize the space.

  3. Please do not leave food, beverages, or belongings in the prayer room. These items will be thrown away or placed on the lost-and-found. Please encourage children to do the same.

  4. No running is permitted in the prayer room and ministry center at any time.

  5. Unless there are times of congregational dance, individuals should limit dancing to the designated side and back of the prayer room.

  6. Children should not be without adult supervision. Please be aware of where your children are at all times. Parents, please encourage and model the etiquette to your children at all times.

  7. Generally, we ask that only Furnace Staff and team members be permitted behind the soundboard. Please refrain from being behind or touching anything involved with the soundboard and computers. If there is a problem with the live web stream or sound for a live prayer set, please find a Furnace Staff member to address the problem.

  8. Please do not move chairs or tables or put feet or shoes on the chairs or tables.

The Furnace Management of the Prayer Room

If for some reason you are not following the aforementioned etiquette, you are likely to be approached by a Furnace Pastor or Elder. They will respectfully direct you to and/or remind you of our Upper Room Prayer Etiquette. We ask you to help us serve you by following these directions. If you cannot follow the directions of the Prayer Room, you may be asked to leave for the betterment of all attending.

This is the House of God, as well as a House of Prayer.  As Believers in Jesus Christ, we should act as Believers, as Followers of Jesus and respect others, and respect the House.


Thank you,

The Elders and Overseers of The Furnace Kenosha

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