Endurance through Faith

Tonight I would like to focus on endurance. Endurance through the Faith.

Endurance is the ability to continue to do something for a long time. I believe we know that definition, and have lived it. Perseverance is also a word that goes along with that. We read about persevering or having perseverance in the New Testament as believers in Christ.

The Apostle Paul in Colossians 1:11 speaks of us to be strengthened in the power of God’s glorious might so that we may have great endurance and patience.

Patience isn’t always a liked word, and attempting to have endurance over time can seem to just wear us out.

Personally, I know when I am tired, I don’t focus well, and when I don’t focus well, in that tired state I begin to fall into a trap of doubt.

Doubt is definitely not from God, and doubt like anything else not from God only comes upon us if we allow it too as followers of Christ.

We should as it states in Ephesians 4 have knowledge of the Son of God, so we are not tossed to and fro by deceitful schemes. Those deceitful schemes coming from our adversary the devil.

I well know my adversary knows my weaknesses, he has seen it for years, and unfortunately I alone allow myself to be moved by him.

As a Follower of Jesus Christ because of my confession, and my belief in His resurrection as the Son of God, I must set my mind on things above, not on the things of this earth.

It is unfortunate that I allow my physical state of being to affect my Spiritual state. The Spirit should affect the physical and any other position that I may in, because we live by faith, not by sight, nor by feeling.

Hebrews11:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

I believe in God the Father even though I do not see Him. I believe in His Word even though at times in my state of mind and being, I do not see action of the promises of His Word. That calls for endurance, perseverance, and patience. Truthfully as I grow older when I think I should have more patience, I feel I do not.

Hebrews11:3, “By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God,”

By faith we understand. We take the physical out of it, because faith comes from the Spirit,

Because God is a Spirit and we cannot see Him, we must deal with God in that invisible Spiritual Realm where He is where faith abides. In other Words, we must be in the Spirit, to dialog in the Spirit. And to dialog in the Spirit, we have to believe that whom we dialog with is real, and that He does hear us and that His Word is true. Endurance in the faith should be easy, if we live by faith because of our relationship to the giver of faith.

We have been speaking about the Presence of God, and being in His Presence the past couple weeks specifically because it is in His Presence where we receive stark revelation about God, through His Spirit about His purposes for our lives, Spiritual revelation about His Word, where we receive stark truth about life in general, all so we will have confidence and faith to always be connected to Him because of the truth that He is our life and outside of that, there is no life.

So to live in that Presence, when we are confronted with physical issues, physical manifestations of the mind and body, that would deter us from our purposes in Christ, or a complete life in Christ, those type of issues should have no real effect on us. Because we have the mind of Christ and our hearts are set on heavenly ideals and not earthly ones.

Let’s look at an earthly thing. A worldly spirit that affects us mentally and physically.

Fear! One of the enemy’s greatest weapons against God’s people.

God said, “I have not given you a spirit of fear.” That coming from 2 Timothy 1:7. Here the Apostle Paul pointing out a truth of a mental and physical event that God said He has had no part of, and that we as His children should not agree with.

Fear a spiritual manifestation put on us to cause physical and mental distress by our enemy. A physical distress usually put on us because of a physical event that happened to us sometime in our life that when it gets out of control seems to bring fear on us for everything.

Hebrews 1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for.” Faith is belief that God meant what He said.

God said in the case of fear, that He has given us “His Spirit”, and in “His Spirit” there is power, and love, and a sound mind.”

So we can see that the spirit of fear comes from our enemy, and anything that comes from our enemy has no power over us unless allowed. Because God’s Spirit is so far greater and more powerful than anything that any created thing has to offer, and God has given us “His Spirit”, so the created cannot have any foothold unless it is given, and it cannot overcome, or over power and thus it is in a defeated state unless given access.

We must understand that Satan is a created being, what he has to offer in the physical or spiritual side cannot come close to comparison to what the Creator possesses and can do.

When we understand that, the weariness that comes from fear, or the weariness of anything else in this life should be rejected as not coming from God, and we should be in a place in the Spirit and the Mind that we are overcomers not subject to these fleshly encumbrances.

Yes, we do get tired physically; there is work related stuff. Physical work, even for myself, staring at numbers all day causes me to yawn. But there are other things that we deal with in life that are not those things. They are Spiritual manifestations that drag us down. Manifestations that do not line up with the Word of God.

Those things we speak against and throw them down in the Spirit and take dominion over.

That is why it is so important to have that relationship with the Father.

Psalms 16:7, “You make known to me the paths of life, and in His presence is fullness of joy.”

How true is that?

If we don’t know the Father, we will not truly know ourselves. And you may say, I know myself well. Maybe you do in your current condition, but not in the freedom and power of the Spirit Filled life that you should really be experiencing.

The power and freedom of the Spirit Filled life only comes by knowing God, and knowing God only comes by shutting yourself off daily and being with Him in private and seeking Him in the Spirit and His Word.

God said, “You will seek and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”From Jeremiah 29:13. What is “with all your heart?” Jesus went away to pray by Himself so He could focus on the Father. We need to do the same.

So faith to overcome fear, or for me the effects of being tired, or any physical attack on the mind and body only comes by having your heart focused on one thing first, a relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Pastor Milt Thompson who preached here a couple weeks back and I were talking about the Spirit Filled life Friday. He made mention that many of those who are infants having intimacy with the Father seem to look at their walk as being hugely defined in Him. But as you draw closer to God, and grow in the knowledge of God, you find that your knowledge and your walk is actually very small in nature.

And this draws you to intensify your time with the Father to expand that knowledge and your walk to be more fruitful in your walk to bring God glory. It’s like a child who has learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels, and while they are riding, they scream at their dad, “look dad, look dad, I’m riding, I’m riding.”

We do the same thing with God when we beginning to really understand what He is speaking to us in those quiet moments. We’re saying even in our older age for some, “I understand Lord, I understand, thank you Lord, I believe.

Not only do we have a change of heart, that is now empowered, it like we see through different eyes. Hardships don’t seem to be that hard.

Life that seemed to be overwhelming at times is now walked out by us that seems to be more calculated through the Spirit. It’s like our steps have been pre-defined, because the Spirit reigns in us now. He is allowed more access and control because of the revealed knowledge we have received about God through the Spirit. The Spirit now drives our life and when He drives, He takes us down the right paths.

When it comes to endurance or perseverance, our lives that are intertwined in the Spirit of God, now live full of hope, with all joy and peace in the Power of the Holy Spirit because of trust; that from Romans 15:13.

Trust comes from knowing God, and when you trust, you learn how to wait because of confidence.

Having confidence in the truth of the Word of God will cause you to strike down any advances by the enemy when he wants to lead you down a path not ordained by God to put your life on Hold. That may be through fear, a lack of confidence in yourself, having anger and forgiveness, lack of personal healing, believing a lie, or even breaking the bond of sin over your life.

God’s Word is greater, it is final, and it is eternal truth. Nothing can stand against a Son or Daughter of God who knows it. We only know it by faith and knowing our Father in Heaven who established it. We should not be moved by earthly thought or words.

We have overcome because of the Blood of Lamb, and we should live the overcoming life that has been freely given to us. We receive it when we believe it.


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