The Lord Delights in You

Tonight I am going to end what turned into a three part series from what was said at One Thing.

And I am going to give a quick recap from the past two weeks. The first week we focused on Luke 10, speaking about Martha and her sister Mary. Martha always in a rush, had perceived things she thought she needed to do, but wasn’t totally focused on the important things, and Mary, who sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to every word he said, and was one who waited on the Word of the Lord to move. Mary being the good example for us who knew the One Thing that was important for us and our relationship with Jesus.

We looked at the importance of Unity in the Body of Christ that as believers, we need to step out to reach our brothers and sisters in the Lord, outside of our current church circles and look to live together within the 90% that we agree on so we can move together in love to be an example of Christ’s love in the community, but also work together to reach people for Jesus Christ.

And lastly we looked at Mary and Martha again from John 11 at the death of their brother Lazarus, that we as believers in Christ must believe that Jesus wants to do something now, and not in some far off time because of our unbelief. That we must pray real prayers for now, but also believe that the impossibles of today, will be possible tomorrow. Real prayers with real faith with the possibility of praying with real tears.

Last week I spoke that we must remove from our lives, all distractions that keep us from hearing the Lord, another big theme from the conference. But also it is a theme as well as being consecrated to the Lord that we have been hearing this year through the Prophetic circles. Sit at Jesus feet to listen, then speak when given unction by the Holy Spirit to speak, or move when the Spirit says move. But don’t do anything being driven by emotion, or because we think that it is time to move. We only speak or move when led by the Holy Spirit.

i spoke about the church being a big family with fathers and mothers running the house and leading and teaching the children. Because those children will grow to be parents themselves not only in the physical sense, but spiritually.

Needing a family whose identity is in Christ alone so we can start another Jesus movement. Doing what Jesus did, because we know His heart, and we can hear His voice, because we spend time sitting at His feet listening.

Spiritual Fathers and Mothers needing to arise in the humility of the Lord to love on the children that will come into their households, but for the spiritual children to also come under the leadership of the fathers and mothers.

Timothy being an example of a spiritual son who had his identity in Christ from the Apostle Paul’s fathering being evident throughout his life, and being a testimony to the leading of Paul.

But to be a family, we must have oneness like Jesus wanted us to have oneness with Him, and the Father. So we must contend for oneness, and contend for family. A vision of The Furnace to be a family, and to be one together in Jesus Christ, but also to be one with other believers.

There was much more but these were highlights that stand out.

Tonight I would like to continue by first looking at Isaiah 62:4-7 another section of verses that stood out through the whole conference. But lets first looking at verses 4-5.

Isaiah 62:4-5, “You will no longer be called Deserted, and your land will not be called Desolate; instead, you will be called “My Delight” is in Her, and your land “Married”; for the Lord delights in you, and your land will be married. For as a young man marries a young woman, so your sons will marry you; and as a groom rejoices over his bride, so your God will rejoice over you.” I’m reading this from the Holman Standard version.

In other versions of the Bible, the word used in place of “My Delight” is the actual Hebrew word Hephzibah (khef-tsee’ baw). Khef-tsee’ baw meaning my delight as I just read. It comes from the root khay’-fets which means desire, pleasure, a valuable thing, but what is always on the mind. So my delight is God saying, you are of value to me, and I desire you and your a pleasure to me so you are always on my mind.

For the word “Married” from “your land will be married.” Is the Hebrew word, Beulah (baw-al). Beulah (baw-al) means to master, to marry, to have dominion over, like a husband over a wife, but not in a controlling way. So the Lord, who delights and desires us, does so as a husband or a groom who desires and thinks about His bride, and yes God thinking about us His people because He loves us and desires us.

So in these verses, Isaiah is speaking on how God views Jerusalem, but it is also how God views us. This again was spoken of much at the conference. We do not know God and His love, and we as His people need to.

We are part of His plan of redemption, restoration, and revitalization because God our Father, yearns for us to be His in every way. He loves us with an unending love. We are His delight, and we must recognize the love that He has for us. Jesus was an expression of that love. God sent Him to earth because of love, and I have stated that any times. But it is all about us grasping that God is a God of love and not just a God of judgment.

We need balance. Yes God will judge, but God also loves. It seems today that we have extremes in the church. Too much Grace, but then too much law. If we knew God, as He wants us to know Him, we will have knowledge of God and His heart to know where to stand within the grace/law life. Yes we have free unmerited favor with God because of His grace, but obedience to His Word is also fundamental in our life with Him. Knowing Him intimately causes us to be obedient because we love to make Him happy, and the free grace we have causes us to live an overcoming, but powerful life in our knowledge through the Spirit. We then live out a Spirit Filled life and operate in the fullness it.

But let me get back on track looking at verses six and seven. Verses six and seven is what is driving the end-times prayer movement which we are apart of today.

Isaiah 62:6-7, “I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, And give Him no rest till He establishes And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

This watchman prayer and intercession mandate from verses six and seven is built upon verses 4 & 5. So we pray, we intercede day and night for the fulfillment of that Word of God. We pray for God to do what He has promised He’ll do for Jerusalem yes, but because we as His sons and daughters will receive the benefits of that proclamation. Complete restoration to what our lives and relationship should have been in the beginning with God.

We also pray to see the church, which is people, us, to come into complete fulfillment of its destiny, but first we pray and intercede for the church, for its people to have a revelation of Jesus Christ. One comes before the other. And that may sound funny, the church needing a revelation of Jesus, but the church as whole today does not have revelation. If it did, we would not live like we do, and the world would not be as it is. I know we have that revelation that we are not in full participation with Jesus.

Why would the Apostle Paul pray for the Church of Ephesus? Why would he say?

“I pray that the Father of glory, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would impart to you the riches of the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of revelation to know him through your deepening intimacy with him.” Reading from Ephesians 1:17 Passion Version.

Because the Apostle Paul knew from his own life, that the wisdom and revelation he received about Jesus only came through intimacy with God through Christ. It is the only way. We can read all we want, and yes can get knowledge about Jesus, but it is through intimacy in prayer just like Jesus had with His Father, Jesus being our greatest example, that we receive the riches that the Apostle Paul stated, by being in the Spirit in intimate prayer with God.

Remember the Apostle Paul said, “Spirit of wisdom, and Spirit of revelation.” Spiritual things can only be received by being engaged in the Spirit in prayer.

The Apostle Paul knew that for the church to have spiritual awareness to fulfill its destiny, they needed revelation through the Spirit of God. We are in that age in the church, the end of the age where everything is coming to a head and we need to be fully engaged in the moment.

That engagement only comes through a Spiritual connection with the Father.

The Apostle Paul goes onto say,

“I pray that the light of God will illuminate the eyes of your imagination, flooding you with light, until you experience the full revelation of the hope of his calling —that is, the wealth of God’s glorious inheritances that he finds in us, his holy ones!”

“Experience the full revelation of the wealth of God’s glorious inheritances.” Us having complete fulfillment to accomplish what Jesus has called us to do. Why? Because our hearts are fully engaged in Christ in the full display of His glorious power, individually, and corporately.

So God our Father in heaven is speaking to us to put aside any thoughts that you are not good enough, or because of your past, God doesn’t love you, or looks at you as less as a person, or thoughts that you are not forgiven. That’s a lie. He looks at all of us with the same love and compassion and mercy. Willing to give His all to whomever asks with a repentant humble heart. 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray….”

God always wanted and continues to want to be our loving Father. He always has. From the beginning of creation with Adam and Eve, through the Old Testament, through the New and right to this minute and off into eternity. He wants us to seek Him for everything. Be intimate with Him so He can bestow on us heaven, now, and forever. That life, a life of freedom, and awareness of the spiritual realm. But why is it so hard for us? I had to ask that question to myself. Why would I reject the Father of Creation, the one who could set me totally free from myself, who could give me understanding that is eternal, who would freely give me the mysteries of creation and even the future, heal my body, and my mind, and as Jesus said do more than He, why do I do what I do at times and just like kick sand in face? Why? Why am I concerned about things in this world that have no eternal impact whatsoever?

God said we are His delight. We are His children whom He holds in the highest regard. We are valuable to Him, and He is always watching over us. A Father who wants us to be prepared, and engaged with His Holy Spirit to always be one step, or ten steps a head of our accuser spreading light everywhere we go.

When you think of all of dynamics that come into play in the verses back in Isaiah, we see the love of God for His children, which we are a part of His family, and see that God our father fulfilling His Word in its entirety. Like I say all of the time and what we need to get into our hearts and minds, and in our Spirits, that God always fulfills His promises. We need to believe!

But as was discussed at the Conference, we in the church must not only see that God takes delight in us, but we should take delight in each other. Family takes delight each other, because love should abound between our brothers and sisters. And I see now, that when was younger I always wondered why in the church I grew up in the adults called themselves Brother whoever, and Sister whomever. They were family and they were professing that to each other. Today in many circles in the church today they would consider those titles as being corny.

Now I am not saying that we do that. We are in a new culture, but I like it because we are saying what we are.

Family members who love each other like fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, and even as sons and daughters. When we see ourselves this way here, that’s what we want, but live it, it can move us to a level of commitment to the rest of the Body of Christ to look at them the same way.

John 17:20 then comes into play that we will be one as Jesus and His Father are one. Oneness brings a whole lotta love, and a bunch of unity, and hurts and faults don’t seem to be that glaring, wounds are healed, and we do more looking out then looking in concerning hurting people, and we realize that the love that we have is from God, because we have His heart, and Jesus’ number one Commandment becomes real and not only have we engaged the Father and know love, we now love one another with His love, because it is our love.

This is not a far off thing. This is not unreachable. It takes a group of believers to put their hearts and minds to seek the Father. Seek Him with intensity with all of our hearts to know Him. In that, contending for the heart of God, and when contending, He will reveal Himself to us.

The church needs to learn how to contend in the Spirit to engage the heart of God. Contend means at time to struggle over something, agonize over, strive to obtain. Contending while interceding may mean we are in opposition to something. But it is putting effort to pray, and dealing with it.

Contending is intercession to change something, and it may be a time for tears. Remember Mary of Bethany with Jesus and the death of her brother Lazarus?

If we want to see God move in our midst, it takes a pure and humble heart. That means repentance on our part, forgiveness on our part, and breaking free from idols in our life that keep us from God and His purposes for our life. Then be at the feet of Jesus listening, but also using those times to converse with God intimately.

Contending for something will draw us close to God and that is what He wants. Watchmen contend, watchmen cry out, watchmen have the heart of God because they know Him. Watchmen know the voice of God and speak the Words of God. Watchmen stand in the gap contending for the Lord to move and He does because He is the one who moves the Watchmen to contend for a thing. We make things happen by our voice in Jesus name when He says to cry out or speak against a thing or for a thing.

See the cry of the conference was to do the One Thing. Get back to the feet of Jesus. That was the first step. Because at the feet of Jesus you can hear. Because at the feet of Jesus you are doing the most important thing. Your loving the Lord your God. You are seeking the place of intimacy, and in that place God responds with His love.

Today, the Houses of Prayer are being into a spotlight by God because as we contend in intercession to love Him, and worship Him to grasp a hold of His heart, He is going to pour out His Spirit, and move on the intercessors and worshippers, and they will see visions and they will prophecy as the Spirit leads them. People will draw close to the Lord because they hear His voice, and see His wonders that He will do. So it is time to be Mary, and quiet ourselves, and rest at the feet of Jesus, draw close to Him, and listen to that sweet voice of the Master, who will call us, and we will see His Word unfold in front us, and we will be amazed at what He does in us, and through us. Amen


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