About Us and Who We Are

The vision of The Furnace is to help manifest a spiritual awakening in our region through people of encounter who have wild faith to see the kingdom of heaven come to earth. 

We are people of The Presence of God.  We want that intimate close relationship with the Father like Jesus had.

We are people of Spiritual Awakening. We want the Church in Kenosha and the Region to have a Holy Spirit Awakening. 

We are people of Encounter. People that encounter love of Jesus, having the lifestyle of worship, prayer and the Word to create a place of encounter everywhere we go.

We are people of wild faith. People that believe fully that all things are possible with God and dream big for the things God wants to do. 

We believe and operate in the supernatural, that God bore witness to himself through signs, miracles and wonders and through these awesome gifts create a place to encounter reckless love.

We want to be counter cultural, being the triumphant bride bringing the kingdom of heaven into every sphere of society.

Through three components, the dream of The Furnace is to have Isaiah 61 become a reality.

1.  Worship & Prayer

When we worship, we are entering into the realm of God's heart, fixing our eyes in who He is. This positions us to intercede to partner with God's heart on what He wants to do on this earth. This is vital in our vision to bring the kingdom of Heaven to earth. The Lord is raising up singers, musicians, and intercessors to show the goodness and mercy of God. 

2. Community

Acts 2 gives a picture on how the church should look like and we strive to put this model into action. Community is a vital piece of how the kingdom of Heaven functions. We want to walk out the truths of how to love each other as Jesus did so we can love the world the same way. 


3.  Social Justice

We want Jesus to be known in every sphere of society. In order to make that a reality we have to get out and go where the people are. We want to serve our community, neighborhood, and city anyway we can so lost can come to salvation through encountering Jesus.